I have a very special relationship with time. To show it and to define its rhythm by an item had always interested me . How to preserve what is old? From time to time these question return. Why does it flow out of my hands, and when will the infancy of my childre pass away? In my series made as a fellow of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, the funnel motif represents our fast-paced days, and the necklaces are my subjective interpretations of the seasons. In the collection I prepared for last year's competition at the Silver Festival in Leignica, I used my and my parents' skin inprints. The current theme was "SILVER" which evoked my personal experience with time. My parents have now entered their "silver age". My heroes became beautiful old people. I wanted to seize the moment. When they were born, their skin had been like silk. Later it became dry and wrinkled. On them I can see the years that they have lived. I can record passage of years by taking a plaster print, smoothing wax into it, then pouring the skin of the "silver-aged" palm into silver. A beautiful pattern.