I create personal items that create strong feelings and release memories. Since we communicate with our jewelry, we can convey deeper messages, it is very important what we show about ourselves through them.

My jewelry forms series. The precious metal jewelry bodies, which are carved from wax and made by precision casting, are made using traditional goldsmithing techniques, but the structure of the objects does not conform to these traditions in the least. Decomposable and visible junctions and moving parts offer the opportunity to play, in many places I fix the old ruined carpet, exotic wood, antique fragment, or my favorite material, parchment, in a way known from furniture and textile art.

For me, jewelry design means a constant collection of inspiration, I am constantly looking for those small moments of experience that then appear in one of my pieces,strong,   I marvel at the special raw materials that have not yet been used for jewelry making. The objects that are born first affect us with their sight, later we get to know their weight, sound, and silky touch. They release feelings that make us feel better and more confident. We find a tool that strengthens our identity. The jewelry is unique or can be duplicated in a few copies, can be ordered customized, I am also happy to design for individual needs.

I am influenced by the zeitgeist, but I deliberately stay away from fashion. I want the piece I created to be relevant and valid even fifty years from now. The most important thing for me is to use friendly materials to create durable objects that serve many generations, and the value of a piece of jewelry is not the material, but the thought. Contemporary jewelry is a utility object, but also a wearable art object, so a contemporary art collection can be built from it.​​

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