I make personal items that create strong feelings, and conjure up old memories. We communicate through our jewels and we can convey deeper messages, therefore what we show of ourselves through them, has great importance.

My jewelry forms series. The precious metal bodies of the jewels are first carved out of wax and then formed by precision casting using traditional goldsmith techniques, the construction of the objects, on the other hand, does not follow these traditions. The dismountable and visible nodes, and mobile parts offer a playful experience. I often use techniques of upholsterers and textile artists to encase old fragments, such as parts of old deteriorated carpets, exotic woods, broken antique pieces, or – my favourite material – parchment.

For me, jewelry design means a constant collection of inspiration, I am constantly looking for those small moments of experience that then appear in one of my pieces,strong,   I marvel at the special raw materials that have not yet been used for jewelry making. The objects first create a visual impression, later we can experience their weight, sounds, silky touch. They release feelings that lift our mood and make us more confident. In them we find a means to manifest our strengthened self-identity. The jewels are unique, or made in a limited number, or they can be made to order, and I also like to design bespoke jewellery.

I am inspired by the spirit of the times, but consciously keep my distance from passing fashions. I want my pieces to be just as timely and valid fifty years from now. With my friendly use of materials, my main aim is to create lasting objects that will serve many generations to come, knowing that the value of a jewel is derived not from its raw material but from the concept. Contemporary jewellery has utilitarian functions, but these pieces are also a wearable art objects; you can build a contemporary art collection from them.

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