These jewels were designed to incorporate fragments of special old textiles, to extend their lifespan. I started working on textile-saver jewellery 20 years ago, and they have surfaced in three collections so far, their latest appearance is connected to the MAGIC CHAMBER line. Lately I have been using old Hungarian embroidery, while in previous collections several other types of textiles appeared: a thick Turkish knotted carpet which was a family relic, and fragments of a piece of fine embroidered Afghan nomadic clothing. I also used antique kimono pieces for the SHEN necklaces, and Hmong textiles for the JU, PEI, WEI and GAN necklaces made for the Southeast Asian textiles exhibition organised by the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts. Both of them originate from the beginning of 20th century. As these textiles were severely damaged, it would not have been possible to use them in their original condition, but the intact fragments can revive their past beauty. The speciality of these designs is that instead of my textiles, I can also incorporate pieces from the wearer’s own family treasures.