In 2022, the last year of my scholarship from the Hungarian Academy of Arts, I returned to my favourite activity, the encasing of old fragments. The MAGIC CHAMBER line, which is featured as a separate line too, was also created at this period. I am passionate about poring over the contents of old attics, and I often find curious fragments, exquisite wooden carvings, Brussels lace, pearl buttons, and similar items waiting to be saved from ruin.
I have made several jewellery lines with this theme from 2010 onwards, encasing old carvings, cylinder seals, Egyptian glass paste figurines, and I now gathered all these previously independent items under this heading. The message of these items is very clear, and usually it attracts those who understand the relativity of time, transience, and the importance of keeping memories alive. By creating easy to wear jewellery with a contemporary design, I can make these memories live on for another fifty years.