When I received the scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, I turned back to encasing old fragments. I designed a markedly contemporary jewellery line, building on the harmony created by combining exotic colourful wooden carrier bodies and large geometric silver parts.

The noble wood boxes of my latest designs bring to mind the small wooden cabinets of the Renaissance age called the „Wunderkammer” where collections of exotic artifacts used to be kept, hence these pendants have been named „Magic chambers”. The animal shaped bronze fibulae originating from the Roman era, from around the 1st century A.D., found in Central Europe, were obtained from collectors in England, while the glass amulets made with glass mosaic technique were made in the 19th century based on pieces found in the area of ancient Phoenicia. This jewellery line is also perfectly suitable for encasing textiles. The nodes are dismountable and the constructions can be assembled and disassembled like building blocks to flexibly adapt to the dimensions of the given antique item.