The renewal of the parchment jewellery of the KIMONO and HAIKU lines lead to the launching of the LOTUS parchment series. The Indian lotus flower has a rich symbology. I am most taken by the large foliage, and the plasticity of the exquisitely sculpted fruit. In Buddhist tradition the leaves are said to symbolise the circle of life, as the funnel shape captures the morning dew, which is then released back into the water from where it came, once the rays of the sun open up the leaves. This is why I use the accentuated silver funnels and blind riveting to fix the lotus leaves made of parchment.

In this line I endeavoured to make large parchment jewellery with a very smooth surface and a simple geometric design, creating an almost constructivist effect. There are of course other forms as well, including asymmetrical shapes that are rich in detail.

These jewels were created during my scholarship from the Hungarian Academy of Arts.