For my bachelor’s degree I designed objects for Shakespeare’s Hamlet performed by the Petőfi Theatre in Veszprém. The objects include theatrical jewellery, swords, a crown, and even a suit of armour.

I received many offers for work from theatres as a result, and gained a lot of experience in this field. For my master’s degree, in 1997, I made a modern four-poster architectonic bed for a guestroom of the Esterhazy Castle in Fertőd, which continues to function well to this day.

One of my most interesting works was a silver pen combined with ebony which I designed for the Ratification Ceremony of the Declaration of Intent related to Hungary’s accession to the European Community (now European Union). My favourite object is the silver teapot that you can see on the cover page , which I made while on scholarship in Finland during my university years, under the tutelage of Olli Tamminen.