Ever since my university years I enjoy modelling and I have made moulds for many medals, coins and prizes, including the prize for the draft horse breeder’s fair, the “Hidegvérű Tenyészszemle”, that you can see on the cover photo, as well as the prizes of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects, the Eszter Cholnoky award of the Society of Hungarian Toxicologists, and in 2022 the Rudolf Andorka Award of the Rajk College for Advanced Studies. I like bronze, so I prefer to cast coins and medals from this material whenever possible. I have also made some special objects from cast iron, which included carved oxbone portraits of my daughters at first, and later of other children. For my master’s degree I sculpted a modern four-poster architectonic bed for the guestroom of the Esterhazy Castle in Fertőd.

In the past few years I have created five minted coins as well upon the request of the Hungarian National Bank, including a special 100-gram gold medal for the Lamfalussy Award. In 2019 my “Gold Florin of Albert Habsburg” was selected as the most beautiful gold coin of the year at the World Coin Constellation award.